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Agno offers different places of interest to nature lovers and beachgoers. There is the Sabangan Beach where you can find natural umbrella rocks and the Aloleng Beach, simply called "Agno Beach," with its fine sands.

Photos below are full views of Agno Beach in Aloleng. Private beach resthouses dot the shoreline and vacant beachlots with array of coconut trees are ideal for camping and bonfire.

Agno BeachAgno Beach is also a good place for swimming, snorkeling and diving for it is rich with underwater beauty and marine life. You can find the splendor of marine treasure such as undisturbed corals, edible seaweeds and multicolored fish.

Living along the seacoast gives us sigh of relief and heals the wounds of loneliness. The roaring sound of Bangol Crag gives lullaby music during stormy nights.

Agno Beach If you love the game of hide-and-seek, just confine yourselves at Sabangan Beach under its huge boulders of umbrella rocks adorned with crawling plants. These rocks are like caves. Boy Scouts used to camp overnight under the umbrella rocks as part of their training. You can also make a visit to the lighthouse on the hillside nearby and watch those birds flying from one tree to another.

Agno BeachAgno Beach

The Mabini River offers a habitat for bangus (milkfish) fry and a variety of fish. It is also a perfect place for boating and boat racing. Swimmers who prefer fresh water stay at the river. And those experienced ones swim across the wide river.

In the poblacion, visitors come to see and pray in the centuries-old Roman Catholic Church, a symbol of faith in the town.

Other natural wonders of Agno are located in the upland barangays. - Admin, Agno.Pangasinan.Info

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