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Agno is a fourth class municipality and has 17 barangays (villages).

Land Area:
16,521 hectares alienable/disposable lands
150 hectares - irrigated rice-farming area
3,540 hectares - rain-sustained lowland area
3,087 hectares - cropland
4,027 hectares - pasture area
12 hectares - fishpond area

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Historical Roles
Agno used to be the center of trade and education in Western Pangasinan during the Spanish era. Ships and boats then called "viray" transported rice, copra and other farm products from Agno to nearby towns and then sold them in Manila and Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Don Vicente Martinez, a pharmacist-medical practitioner, and Maestro Teodorico Espinosa taught young boys not only from Agno but also from neighboring towns. The two teachers patiently tutored these children. Graduates were eligible to enter college.

Agno National High School
Bangan Oda High School
--- List of Elementary Schools ---
St. Catherine Learning Center
United Methodist Church Learning Center

Some residents have cellular phones and own Digitel landlines. National and provincial newspapers and magazines are being sold at a designated newstand/store. Radio broadcast, television telecast, internet and Agno Cable TV are also available.

Postal Service & Telegraphic Office
Postal and telegraphic services are provided by the national government. The post office is being run by the Philippine Postal Corporation while the telegraphic office is under the Bureau of Telecommunications.

The power supply of the town is being served by the Pangasinan Electric Cooperative, Inc. I (Panelco I). Power voltage: 220 V.

Water Supply
The Agno Water Works System supplies potable water to Barangays Boboy, Poblacion West, Poblacion East and Bangan Oda. Agno has also a privately-owned purified water plant located at Poblacion East.

Ice Plant & Cold Storage
The Agno Ice Plant supplies table ice and fish ice to residents and neighboring towns.

Bank & Currency Exchange

The Rural Bank of Agno (Pangasinan), Inc. is the center of financial service and domestic transaction. Money changers are also available.

Local jeepneys, tricycles and buses are the common means of transportation. Dagupan Bus and Five Star Liner have regular Agno-Manila-Agno schedules.

National and provincial roads are all concreted/asphalted. Some barangay roads are also concreted. Poblacion roads were lighted.
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